Applying Security in-Depth and Best practices against Ransomware attacks (2/2)

8- Ransomware Defense №7: Securing DNS

8–1 Selecting a Protective DNS Service

8–1–1 Service setup

8–1–2 Domain classification

8–1–3 Response to identified domain names

8–1–4 Interactions with the PDNS platform

8–2 Cybersecurity best practices and PDNS

8–2–1 Use a PDNS provider

8–2–2 Block unauthorized DNS queries

8–2–3 Account for hybrid enterprise architectures

9- Ransomware Defense №8: Sandbox

10- Ransomware Defense №9: Data Backup

10–1 Use the 3–2–1 Backup Method

10–2 Test Your Complete Restore Process

10–3 Use Immutable Backups


11–1 Consumer IoT Security Guidance

11–2 The issue of trust in IoT devices and systems

11–3 IoT Security Best practice

12- Conclusion




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